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Ceramic Supplies - Corporate Members of NZ Potters  
This page is designed to put you in contact with corporate member businesses or groups or consultants that could assist you in your pottery work.

All of the suppliers listed on this page are corporate members of NZ Potters.

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Decopot Ltd - (Silver Member)

Production services for potters. Agents for: Inspirations, Primoclays, Claybright, & Abbots

06 356 9886
06 3540427
C/- Paul Pepworth
126 Summerhill Dr
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Cobcraft Supplies - (Bronze Member)

Cobcraft’s new managers are vastly experienced in the production and supply of pottery, clay bodies, glazes, underglazes, kilns and equipment. With their contacts and resources they will consolidate Cobcraft’s role as a national supplier serving another generation of New Zealand Potters. They offer capable assistance, fast service and very competitive freight rates.

Stockists of:

  • Primo Clay Bodies including:
    • White Raku, BSW33 Grogged Stoneware, Bufff Stoneware,
    • SB15 Sculpture Body, White Stoneware, Production White PW20,
    • High-fire Porcelain, Midfire Porcelain,
    • Porcelain Casting Slip, Bone China casting Slip
  • Raw Materials oxides and frits
  • Glaze Stains,
  • Claybright Underglaze,
  • Abbots Glazes,
  • Bisqueware.
  • Kilns, Wheels, Slabrollers

06 354 0427
126 Summerhill Drive
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand
South Street Gallery - (Copper Member)

03 548 8117
03 548 8117
10 Nile St West

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