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South Street's Ceramics Go To Man
South St Gallery has closed its doors with the man behind it honoured as the ‘go-to man’ of ceramics and an all round great bloke, Judith Ritchie of the Nelson Mail reports. Mike Rogers is a legend. He’s the ‘go-to man’ of ceramics in the region, and some say, the country. Rogers is much loved and will be missed as the frontman of a gallery that has been a hub for potters for nearly 40 years.

On Sunday, after a gathering of potters, friends and supporters, South St Gallery closed its rustic doors.

The ever-positive Rogers has sold the building and is having some well-earned quiet time after greeting thousands of customers at the door. Potters adore his passion, generosity and unwavering understated support. He has clearly had a ball running his eclectic gallery. ‘‘You can’t call this a job,’’ he says. ‘‘It’s a life’s passion.’’ He is proud of the people he’s sold for, the standard of work and remembers those who have come and gone. Judith Richie - Nelson Mail    03-Apr-2017
South St Gallery's Mike Rogers with
Tasman potter Steve Fullmer
Maurice Bennett 1957 – 2016
Maurice Bennett a well-known member of Wellington Potters died on Monday the 6th of June. Maurice was 59. We’ve lost an inspired and dynamic artist, and a great friend.

As a young man Maurice had no doubt that he was an artist. In the 1980s he travelled many times to Europe and Japan soaking up art. Back home he worked in retail and created and exhibited his artistic passion. An early exhibition, called “Burning Desire”, was an assembly of found and incinerated objects. He had an exhibition of etchings in Japan and experimented in with torn, draped coloured cloth to convey images and emotions. He was into Punk Rock and protest. Chris Dunn    30-Jun-2016
Maurice Bennett
Imerys National Tableware Exhibition
It’s always exciting to be involved with organising a pottery exhibition and this year’s Tableware exhibition in Christchurch was a rewarding experiencing for all of us involved in organising and running it after such a long earthquake gap.. It was great to be hosting an exhibition once again that catered especially for those members who value good craftsmanship in the production of functional ware.

Although the idea of running a national exhibition may seem daunting, the process is really no different from organising a club exhibition in a local gallery, save perhaps for having to return unselected/unsold work by courier. The tasks are the same: booking a gallery, choosing a selector, advertising for submissions, inviting guests to an opening, receiving work, selection, transferring to the gallery, setting up the exhibition, minding it, selling work, collection of sold work, taking the exhibition down down and returning left over pots to the owners. Many members of NZPotters are experienced in doing this and would be happy to help those who are not. Frederika Ernsten & Jim Pollard    30-Jun-2016
Jinho Jeong

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