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Who Made This Pot
Who Made This Pot?
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There has been a recent increase in the number of pots submitted to for identification.

If you have a ceramic work that you cannot identify perhaps the combined knowledge of NZSP members could help.

Each submission in the pot identification forum can be accompanied by an image to illustrate the work. Submissions may be replied to and each reply may also include one image.

Valuing Ceramics

There are two options for obtaining a valuation on ceramics.

  1. Contact the potter who made the work.
  2. Obtain a valuation from a recognised valuer.

Howard Williams was officially listed in the NZ Insurance directory for several years doing exactly this job for insurance claims on broken pottery. He still does this work, providing an official estimate letter for the insurance company for around $60 to $100. Enquiries to him should be sent with several photos from appropriate angles, plus of its mark (or a clear drawing of same)a pot’s full measurements, name of the maker and date if known. Original bought price and from where the pot was acquired can also be a help.

Howard's email is


Can you identify these ceramic works?

The list below shows titles and the brief description entered with the submission. To view the full submission statement and associated replies and image, click the arrow button in the title line.

Identification topics are listed below (groups of 6) in reverse date order - latest first. Total topics = 32

Can anyone identify who made this pot?  

19-Apr-17 - Laura Floyd - Canada - Pot_ID - 138 Replies 0
Identify Raku pottery purchase in New Zealand in 1984  

New Zealand Landscape on raku pot.

13-Mar-17 - Galyn Metcalf - Seattle, WA, USA - Pot_ID - 135 Replies 0
Shino glazed small vase form  

Just under 100mm by 70mm

11-Mar-17 - Gloria Young - Wellington - Pot_ID - 134 Replies 0
Any help appreciated.  

27-Feb-17 - Margaret Beyer - Pot_ID - 133 Replies 0
Brown Pottery Mug  

28-Jan-17 - Matthew Bradbury - Pot_ID - 132 Replies 0
Can anyone identify the maker of this work?  

07-Jan-17 - J Parkes - Horseshoe Cottage, Teeton, Northampton. UK - Pot_ID - 131 Replies 2

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