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Slot games pokies of last five years

Best Slot Games of the Past 5 Years

Are you looking for the best slot games to play and have fun while winning money? It’s exciting to spin the wheel and watch the reels rolling as you wait for a winning chance. Whether you prefer playing offline or online, slot games present you with many opportunities to get entertained while still making money. Over the years, gamblers have enjoyed playing slot games in the comfort of their homes. This has been made possible by game developers who release the best slot games with striking features and classic themes.

Gamblers who prefer playing slot games indeed have the best experiences playing slot games. We have looked into the favourite slot games among players in New Zealand over the past five years. Games such as Book of Dead, Mega Moolah, Starbursts, and Avalon have appeared as top priority slot games among gamblers. They come with exciting themes, lucrative bonuses, and unique selling points to ensure they stand out among all other slot games. This article will show you why these games have become the preferred slot games among players. Let’s get rolling.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is an incredible video slot game run by Play’n GO software. If you like going for adventures in the land of fantasy, this slot game will give you a chance to adventure more in Ancient Egypt. The game is similar to the classical Egyptian land-based slot game, Book Of Ra, that’s the most favorite among players. This gives it a unique selling point. Book of Dead features five reels, three rows, and 10 pay lines to bet on. You can, however, customize your pay lines to play with one to 10 of them. Luckily, Book of Dead takes care of your bankroll, since the lowest bet available goes as low as 0.01 to one. It also has an RTP of 96.21%, ensuring players have higher chances of winning as they keep on spinning the wheels.

Book of Dead Themes

Book of Dead ensures you experience a classical Egypt. There’s a piece of ancient Egyptian music playing and temple pillars where reels are displayed when you log in. The graphics are designed to feature traditional colours that blend well when the screen changes. There are Anubis and Osiris portraits and other symbols containing the golden Pharaoh mask. The traditional cards are beautifully designed and themed to entice any gambling enthusiast. You’ll also find other symbols such as wild and scatter to help you create more winning chances.

Book of Dead Bonus Features

The combination of wild and scatter symbols helps you access more bonuses and free spins. As long as there are three symbols, you’ll receive a payout equal to that. Five of the scattered wild symbols will multiply your stake by 200x. You’re also likely to enjoy free spins when three or more of the scattered symbols show up. You’ll receive 10 free spins that will see you creating chances of winning even more.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot game developed by the Microgaming software company. The game features 5 reels, three rows, and 25 pay lines. Players can only win when they match three or more symbols across a pay line. The game offers the AutoPlay option, where players can choose between 10 and 100 auto-spins. If you need fast spins, you can use the Lightning Bolt and create more chances of winning. Mega Moolah has 93% RTP. Games without progressive jackpots have an RTP of 88.12%.

Mega Moolah Themes

The classical African safari theme is what makes this slot game unique. It has bright graphics and colors to capture the infamous Serengeti landscape. Upon logging in, you’re welcomed with a traditional African soundtrack. The game features cartoon-style with sharp graphics and animations. You’ll find animals that will pay you with higher winnings, such as Kudu, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and elephant. The elephant offers the highest pay. The game also has a Wild symbol in the form of a lion. You’ll win much more with the lion symbol.

Mega Moolah Bonus Feature

The scatter monkeys are the one that activates the free spins. The monkeys will give you 15 free spins and multiply your bets when you line them up. For instance, they will multiply 3 times your bet for three. You’ll receive more when you line more than three. For example, they’ll multiply 100 times your bet for five. The game is made more enticing, and all winnings from your free spins will be multiplied by 3. However, there’s more in store for lovers of jackpots. You’ll enjoy playing four progressive jackpots. Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. These progressive jackpots will start at 10 for Mini, 100 for Minor, 10 000 for Major, And 1000000 for Mega. This bonus keeps on building up as more people play. To win these jackpots, get into the bonus round and spin the wheel. Doing so will help you randomly land on one of these jackpots.


Developed by NetEnt, Starburst is a 5-reel video slot game designed for players using desktops, PCs, and mobile phones. The game has three rows, five reels, and 10 pay lines. When playing, you can adjust the bet levels and coin values to help you increase your chances of winning even more. Bet level ranges from one to ten while coin value ranges from 0.01 to 1. Starburst comes with Max Bet and AutoPlay features to make the game more fun.

Starburst Themes

You’ll find bright graphics and sparkling jewels when you log in. NetEnt developed this game to ensure it has a simple but elegant design. The background sound effects add more fun to the game and elicit a unique feeling. You’ll also find symbols such as emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and amethysts. Gold bar on a flaming sun is the symbol that pays the highest.

Starburst Bonus Features

Starburst comes with one bonus feature. However, this is a lucrative bonus that helps you activate Starburst Wild features. You’ll enjoy wild reels and re-spins that’ll come subsequently, leading to 3 wild reels. When the Starburst Wild feature is activated, you’ll increase your chances of winning more games.


Avalon is one of the best medieval-themed slot games. Based on the legend of King Arthur, the Avalon slot game will take you through an adventure to the Isle of Avalon in medieval times. This gives it a unique selling point since players can only find this one slot game with such features. Microgaming develops Avalon. It has three rows, five reels, and 20 adjustable pay lines. When you land five Isle of Avalon, you can win up to 3000 coins.

Avalon Themes

Just like the other reels, Avalon has Scatter and Wild symbols. When you land on the reels, Wild will substitute for all other symbols. Scatter is the Lady of the Lake symbol. Other symbols like Treasure Chest, Crown, Crystal Glasses, Coat of Arms, Jewellery, and playing card symbol. Avalon has old-fashioned graphics but still captivating. You’ll also listen to stunning sound effects that will ensure you feel entertained throughout your gaming process.

Avalon Bonus Features

You’ll get excited by the number of perks readily available when playing this game. You’ll find a list of bonuses, including Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Holy Grail Bonus, Lake of Legend Bonus, Whispering Wood Bonus, Hall of Shadow Bonus, Lady of the Lake Bonus, and others. The Lady of the Lake Bonus feature is the most loved bonus feature by players. It offers you 12 free spins with a seven times multiplier. Read more Avalon reviews online to understand how these bonuses are offered. You could be on the verge of winning more bucks.


Slot games are exciting games to play. You’ll even enjoy spinning the wheels and watching them reel when you play the best slot games for the past five years. Slot games like Book of Dead, Mega Moolah, Starburst, and Avalon are our top-of-the-list slot games you can play today. You’ll enjoy more beautiful themes and lucrative bonuses to help you increase your chances of winning.

New slot games in New Zealand

New Slot Games coming to New Zealand

At last count, as much as 254 million dollars a year are pouring into overseas casinos, and the number is growing fast. It seems that the younger generation, in particular, not only loves to gamble like their predecessors before them but love to gamble far more than just throwing a few dollars here or there into the local charitable pokies. So, what are the latest slot machines that are coming to New Zealand that Kiwi gamblers are interested in? Here’s a round-up.

Temujin Treasures

Temujin Treasures is a slot game loosely based on the Mongol Hoarder, Genghis Kahn, whose actual name was Temujin. Temujin Treasures is a 5-reel, 4-row slot that offers 1-24 ways to win. Be warned right off the bat that Temujin is a high volatility slot. This means you have a chance of losing a lot of money quickly, but then, in the end, you may wind up with a quite decent payout. The return to player pay-off is decent at 96.55 per cent, but again the return to player rate is less important than the overall volatility. So play Temujin Treasures only if you have a decent bankroll and the patience to wait it out. However, you can win up to 9,000 times your stake if you hit the right combos, so at least Temujin doesn’t mind shedding the gold.


Sinbad, the famous Arabian adventurer has been out for a while but the game has gone through an entire remake. The new Sinbad is a 5 reel, 40 pay-line games. Sinbad pays back a very high percentage of Return to player at 97.06 and the volatility is in the medium range. What people love about Sinbad is there are a plethora of free spins which keep the action fresh. What tends to set Sinbad apart is that there are three types of free spin options, Ape, Roc and Snake. Ape provides 7 free spins, Roc gives you 10 and Snake gives you 12. Plus you can enable additional free spins as well. The stakes are moderate. The most you can win is 748 times your stake per spin, but as the variance is better, you’ll see a lot more payouts. And what’s new about Sinbad? The software has been completely redesigned to make playing on a mobile device or tablet extremely easy. The game looks and sounds terrific and is a lot of fun.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Who would have thought a television cooking show could inspire a slot, but what do we know. We’d still play the Dukes of Hazard slots if we could find it in a reliable online casino. Anyway, Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot that more resembles a food porn slot than your average pokie. The slot does have one quite redeeming quality, however, in that it is a low variance game. You won’t likely get rich off this game, with the maximum win of 1,000 times your stake, but with a 96.07 per cent return to player, you just might earn enough to take the family out to the Lord of the Fries Restaurant. This is certainly a game to try for casual slot playing, and it’s designed by NetEnt, so you know it’s good for mobile players as well.

NZ slot games

Thor Infinity Reels

Thor Infinity Reels by Yggdrasil Gaming may be the new king on the block in 2021. An Odin-themed game, this slot starts with three reels and then expands. Every time a row fills with hammers, a new reel opens up. All we can say is compared to other slots, Thor Infinity Reels beats others hands down. Yes, it is high variance, but there is so much action that takes place with the response that your head will spin. One of the lovely features of this machine is the buy a bonus feature. That’s right if you are willing to gamble a little extra, like 100 credits, you can trigger the bonus features without waiting till it’s due naturally. We predict that Thor Infinity Reels will be a mega-hit for Yggdrasil Gaming Try it for yourself and see if you agree.

Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead

Our last slot for 2021 is Rich Wilde and the Amulet of the Dead. Another in a series, this one features Rich on an Egyptian Adventure. A 5 reel, 3-row slot, Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead feature only 10 pay lines to win. The game won’t win any points for originality, but it’s a speedy little game that has one nifty feature. When you win even a small payout, you can elect to gamble that win into another feature that lets you either chose red or black for a turned card that pays 2 times your win, or pick a suit and win 4 times your previous winnings. With new and innovative games like Thor Infinity Reels and Temujin Treasures, 2o21 is starting to be a great year for Kiwi slots games in New Zealand.

Find the Right Slot Game for You

Not every New Zealander prefers to play Poker, or blackjack at an online casino. While these online casino games provide great odds there is also a great amount of stress in deciding whether to fold or draw a or in the case of blackjack, deciding to double down or split a pair. In addition, many gamblers, realizing that a big win at a poker table or blackjack tables amounts to perhaps $300 or $400, certainly not bad money to help pay the bills for a couple of days but certainly not enough to retire on in one fell swoop. As a result, many people prefer to play pokies in general, and progressive slot machines in particular. After all, progressive slot machines are the only game in an online casino where you can win millions. Therefore, today we offer you a short primer on selecting the best slot machines online for New Zealand casinos.

Choose your goals

Your first objective, before you begin playing slots is to determine your objective. Playing the pokies at an online casino is oddly reminiscent of eating at a restaurant. You can go to a gourmet restaurant, sit down, order steak and lobster, or even a gourmet pasta dish, wait for 20 or 30 minutes for the food to be prepared and leave an hour later with a sell satisfied palate but a decidedly lighter wallet, or you can pull up to the drive-through at McDonald’s and have your food ready in a few minutes and to quote Mick Dundee (yes, we realize he was Australian, not a kiwi ) Well, you can live on it, but it tastes like sh*t. Actually, personally, we love McDonald’s but you get the point and it’s important to realize, that no one slot machine will tick off all of your personal buttons. In general, you have a choice. Either go for bigger jackpots or for a better return to the player. Unfortunately, you won’t find both. Either you give up less money to the casino’s edge ( and the number 1 rule of gambling is to never forget that casinos are in business to make money) and will lose less money, and may actually win $100 or so, or you will have a chance at winning millions for few dollars, but give up perhaps a 10 percent house edge for the rare opportunity to become an instant millionaire. For example, one of the most popular, instant millionaire slots is a progressive machine called Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah is a progressive machine linked to multiple casinos, and someone because an instant millionaire around every 70 days or so according to those who pay attention to such statistics. In addition, every 2 or three days, someone wins a lesser jackpot of between 10,000 to 50,000 coins. Not bad for a machine that you can access for one-quarter of a Euro. But what do you give up for the chance to play Mega Moolah and become a millionaire? According to the experts, the average Return to Player on Mega Moolah is 90 percent. Meanwhile, the average return to the player with online slots averages 94-96 percent.

What is return to player, and what is variance?

Return to player is a long term number. It means that amount of money that is returned to players using a slot of at least 10,000 spins or more. A higher return to player of say 95 percent does not mean that an individual player is guaranteed to get that much back by playing a pokie at an online casino. The actual amount of payoff is returned by random number generators, and one individual player can have a mere 80 percent return and another player may rake in 120 percent. What happens though, is a typical online casino’s random number generators are set to around 95 or 96 percent overall. As a consequence, while no gambler can be guaranteed to get that amount of money back, the return to player is a very important number for it gives you the overall house edge on slots. It is important to realize too, that Online Casino X does not control the return to player edge. It’s a little known fact that with online casinos, the casino itself does not own the slot machines they advertise. Instead, all slot machines are leased from the various gaming developers who control and set the Return to Player rate.

In addition, the variance is another important term to understand. Once the return to player is set, so also is the variance of the machine set. The variance concerns whether there are lots of small or medium-sized payoffs and only rare big win payoffs, or rather the winners will be favored by a few more jackpots to the extent of having fewer small and medium wins. It can be difficult to determine the actual variance on a player’s own volition, but fortunately, there are several dozen sites that list low variance games such as Thunderstruck II, Bar Bar Blacksheep, and Bloodsuckers II. So by knowing both the RTP and the variance of the game, in general, will be able to determine the likelihood of lots of small and medium-sized wins or fewer of those but higher jackpots. Note here that we are referring to general jackpots, not progressive jackpots. It is important to focus on individual games, not the entire casino, as many review slots make their money in kickbacks to individual casinos under the casino’s affiliate marketing scheme. But if you know your objective, whether to become a millionaire, whether to win several hundred dollars, or whether to win $50 or a $100 and treat your family to a gourmet meal, you now have the tools: RTP, Variance, and information on progressives to decide.

Top Picks for Online Slots in New Zealand

New Zealand remains the online slots game leader in the world thanks to many reputable casinos. Many online slots games in New Zealand casinos come with a host of promotions, tournaments, cash gaming, etc. One of the most enticing things about online slots in New Zealand is that they all feature incredible themes and wonderful gameplay. Playing online slots is all about fun and enjoyment even if you’re not playing for real money. However, choosing the best online slots to play in New Zealand is not easy thanks to the overwhelming number. To help you pick the best gaming slots, this article features some of the top online slots in New Zealand.

1. JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity online slot is one of the top picks for gaming slots in New Zealand. It is a place to experience multiple table games, have good exposure to interesting online casino slots. The good thing with JackpotCity casino is that it is loaded with enough preferred and played online casino games that offer an excellent gambling experience. Jackpotcity is a well-known gambling platform that offers you the top payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, and Trustly among others. Due to this, you can choose the best payment methods that will suit your needs. Besides, the gaming slot comes with excellent bonuses and promotions that suit large gamers in New Zealand. Therefore, if you are in the NZ city and need the best gaming slot, don’t hesitate to spend your time at Jackpotcity online gaming slot.

2. All Slots Online Casino

All slots is another best pick online slot to play in New Zealand. It is a popular online slot in NZ known to have amazing features that every player will definitely love. With its popularity, all slots nz has a good number of online players can now have a golden chance to enjoy live dealer games, high-speed cash payouts, and top-class security of their accounts. Skrill, VISA, MasterCard, and POLI are just a few reputable payment methods players in NZ experience when gaming at All Slot casino. Playing at All Slots online casino gives you a spectacular experience to enjoy quality gaming at one of the top casinos. The online slot also exposes you to huge bonuses and promotions once you enrol in the gaming site.

3. Spin Casino in New Zealand

Spin Casino is quite an easy online game that will offer you the fun you deserve. With the security of your cash as a major factor, Spin Casino slot works better to deliver 100% cash security. When it comes to enjoying bonuses and promotions, Spin casino takes the lead not only in New Zealand but globally. Spin casino slot comes with a wide range of payment methods. For instance, Skrill, MasterCard and Visa are just a few methods to promise tremendous payment methods. So, this is an advantage when you what to get rid of delays. What makes many New Zealand players stop this Spin casino is that it hosts a couple of amazing games such as Immortal Romance, Break the Bank Again, and Thunderstruck II. So to enjoy these games, Spin slot is the place to play.

4. Casimba Casino

You can’t go wrong with the choice of Casimba Casino as your top choice for online slots in New Zealand. It is known to have some of the best games you can play to earn huge cash. To help you through, Casimba comes with Quest for Immortality that attracts thousands of players in the city. With over 1500 games and 1300 plus mobile games, this is the best place you will enjoy having fun with your friends. Furthermore, Casimba has reliable customer care services to offer you reliable services when the need comes.

5. Playzee NZ Casino

The choice of Playzee casino as one of your top picks for online slots in New Zealand is not for granted. Among other online slots known to have slow payment, deposit, and even spinning, Playzee is here designed with excellent software that speeds up the gambling process. This player online casino is known for having many games and software developers that will help you choose the best games to play. For instance, 9 Lions and Rocket Men are just a few top games you need to expect when you play at Playzee New Zealand casino. Moreover, Playzee is the best slots in New Zealand because, it incorporates easy to play, fully licensed, Regular rewards, great loyalty programs, quirky and fun design, and excellent game provider. When looking for the top online slots, Playzee should be the best you can rely on.

6. LeoVegas Online Slots

Leo Vegas is a very popular online slot game in New Zealand excellent slot gaming experience. With this popularity, many online NZ players can now enjoy excellent bonuses and promotions, faster deposits, and withdrawals. Leo Vegas comes with top paying games such as Cleopatra and Mega Fortune. This game won’t only offer you fun, but you will earn you amazing cash.

7. Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas has a couple of excellent features to fit the top pick for online slots in New Zealand. While playing at Royal Vegas, be ready to enjoy more than 600 greatest casino games. The slot incorporates great VIP pro gaming slots and excellent welcome bonuses upon registration to the gaming slots. The slot comes with 24/7 hours customers care support that works to ensure customer satisfaction. The slot game is on social media, and you can reach the customer care team through the website, direct chat, or even through Facebook, Instagram, among others.

8. Betway Online Slot

Betway, for a long time, has been another top pick for online slots in New Zealand. With soccer as the common game to bet at Betway, you can also play horse racing, boxing, hockey leagues, and tournaments. Thanks for this. Unlike many slots that discourage betting using a mobile device, many players in New Zealand scramble in a betting site to play the game. The good news about Betway is that customers have a chance of betting through their mobile phones through an online and mobile platform. By doing this, it makes betting convenient from any comfort of where you are. Betway is reputable to have excellent customer care support working around the clock to offer reliable support; it pays well in terms of bonuses and promotions, easy to play.

Bottom Line

Online slots in New Zealand are the new norm and every player must have a slice of the fun. With thousands of online slots in the place, sometimes choosing the best one can be a major problem. But after reading this, you have a better idea of which one to choose and if not, check out that have some great reviews of all casinos in New Zealand.

The Most Popular slot games in New Zealand

New Zealand is best known for its online casinos, where it offers different casino games. You can play poker games, video cards, or slot machine games on the site of your choice and have the fun of a lifetime. Most games in New Zealand have been digitized, making them available on mobile app games giving players easy access. Let us look at some of the online slot games popular in New Zealand, which you can play online free or for cash.

Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven

This game is made of a horse racing theme with moving graphics. The slot game was developed by Playtech, a respected game development company. The game was developed in line with Frankie Dettori’s career, who was famous in horse riding and won the all-sevens-horse in a day with a record-breaking performance. The record earned him a frame, which made him feature on a slot machine. The game features five reels with twenty-five pay lines. It has a great wild card features and a bonus feature that allows players to earn free spins to boost their game. You can play with as low as 1 dollar by carefully using the shifts and expansion wilds to have an extra part game. The bonus feature comes with three same icons on one playline. To win the grand prize, which is the amount you initially bet times 7,777, you need to earn five headshots of Frankie Dettori.

Thunderstruck 11

Thunderstruck is an adventurous game with the best graphics available in online slot entertainment that you play with mythical beings and see Gods of different types. It has a Norse god icon with bolts that light, triggering some of its features. The graphics and actions are of the top line with a hammer that helps you win the game. In this game, you have a 243 pay line where you can play in your chosen line. Having a variety of playline points gives one more chance to win. The game is interactive and fun, and it gives the players a bonus round, allowing high chances of winning. Remember, in playing this game, you have to have a bankroll to help you get the big wins.

Dessert Treasure

If you are looking for a game that requires your attention and keenness, then this is the game for you. This game will make you busy finding the treasure by keeping a keen eye on the X. Playtech built the game with 20 pay lines that are adjustable with five reels. If you are lucky in one spin, you can win up to 10000 the original bet you place. Being able to get the right combination will make you get the treasure making you win big good enough to change your living standard. While playing this game, a player can see a Princess, Cobra, or Sheik and elements that look like desserts. Be sure to be coming for more games because the game has bonus features that will give you hopes of winning big or hit a bonus known as a hidden oasis, which is around that can make your chances of winning significant monies high. To succeed in this game, understand the game rules, learn how to win treasure slots, and make good use of your bonuses.

Beach Life

In this game, your dreams and ideas are put into a game in a slot machine where your urge to play comes from the visual effects. Beach life gives the player a feel of the seashore’s vacation, taking away the boring indoor life you’ve been having. Play tech is the brain behind this game, and it comprises 20 pay lines with five reels, each reel having three symbols of land. The game is fun and is a light heart and is of high quality with the highest returns in all the slot games, keeping you coming for more games to build your chances of winning. You can play at the comfort of your house and still be able to add value to your first game investment. The jackpot in this game is in terms of millions meaning you can become an overnight millionaire. Incorporating beach life in this game gives players the freedom to have a customizable match. You will be able to experience arrays of refreshing icons, providing a relaxing, and laid back experience.


In New Zealand, this is the most favorite slot machine game and gaining mileage worldwide. The game comes with bonuses, free- spins, and various amazing promos. It also features a free demo so you can have a try before placing your money. The game is some of the best slot game created by NetEnt and is a simple game to play with a space theme and special icons with themes. Starburst consists of ten play lines that are fixed but pay in both ways with five reels and a good design that gives you the feeling of the old arcade game, useful in building old memories. The game’s setting is easy to handle with an auto-play allowing you to play hands-free and a button to increase your playing speed.

Age of the Gods

Playing this game gives you a direct experience that resembles a sweet adventurous journey. It has bonuses, slot specials, and interactive fun; when playing this game, look for free spins, which will help you launch a free gold coin screen, pantheon power, which will help you trigger a spin ten times the spin bet you have. The Playtech developed the game with a Greek theme having everything based on the ancient Greek culture, the Greek gods being part of the package. The icons in this game are of the gods, and each god icon represents a bonus type, it 20 pay line with five different reels giving a player a vast choice. The Greek gods making part of this slot machine are like the Athena, Zeus, and the Hercules, whose special powers are useful in activating bonuses and wild features. Playing this game guarantees you a 7000 win on the original bet you place if you are lucky to hit a combination of right gods.


When choosing a slot game, you need to understand each game’s rules and regulations before playing. Understand how the game you intend to play will reduce losses from a match and maximize profits, which is why you bet. Make sure you know how playing the ages of god will help you multiply your money, learn the insights in a starburst, and make good use of the bonuses. Dwell on Frankie Dettori’s magic seven and dessert treasure to help decide on one particular game.

The Games with the Best Odds in a Casino

No matter what casino game you decide to play, they all have the potential to pay out a big jackpot. However, in order to get a piece of the pie, you need to make bets on games that provide the greatest odds for you. While many people consider luck as being a reason for a win, in reality, the result is actually determined by the amount of probability.

When the house edge is low, your chance of winning becomes higher thus increasing your overall odds, as opposed to a higher house edge.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at the games with the best odds in a casino.

1. Blackjack

With most house edges at a low 1%, most gamblers prefer to play blackjack as compared to any other table game in a casino. The reason why is because they know they will win if they apply simple strategies. With an advantage of only 1%, the player ultimately gets a 99% chance of winning their hand when they apply a strategy. When you don’t have a game plan you will have at least a 3% house edge against you.

If you do apply a simple game plan, you need to make sure to keep with it no matter what the outcome of the game will be.

However, the time where you could alter your strategy would be if card counting was involved.

With blackjack being such a popular table game that many enjoy winning, it is no surprise that a strategy would be used against the house. Generally speaking, it is quite easy to win big amounts of money once you implement skills that are basic to gaming.

2. Baccarat

With baccarat, it is another favorable game found in every casino and also has a high game payout. This high payout ability is thanks in part to the low 1.1% edge that the house has. Besides that, the significant payout amounts are also in line with the huge wager amounts. With that, your odds of winning a big amount are the same as if you lose a huge amount. This is why you need to ensure that when you place your bets they need to have the best odds in order to win the most.

Normally, when a house offers baccarat they provide a low 1.1% edge, which can be considered average. In a lot of casinos found online, every player is able to accumulate close to 50% of every win and the banker keeps 51% of wins. If you are looking to obtain the advantage over the house with the bet that you place, then you need to have the amount of house probability deducted from a player’s probability.

As you play, you will notice that Baccarat provides many different ways to place your bets for each round of Baccarat. These involve wagers known as a tie, Player, or Banker. For a “player” bet, a 1.3% house edge will be calculated. For a “banker” bet the house edge decreases to 1.0%. Lastly, with a “tie” bet, the house edge is raised significantly and more than 14%. So it’s obvious that your odds will not be the best with this wager option as opposed to the Banker wager.

If you’re planning to make bets through an online Baccarat game, make sure to be aware of the game set up and become familiar with the way the results happen prior to risking any actual bets.

3. Roulette

The house edge for Roulette is usually around 2.5%. Roulette also provides different odds even though they all will be the same when it comes to being a house edge. As far as types of Roulette are concerned, there is an American version and European version of Roulette. Though these two variations exist, the only real difference is the way that your odds get calculated in order to figure out your odds for the European version of Roulette.

If you are unfamiliar with what the differences are of European and American Roulette, then you will be happy to know that there is not much. The amount of numbers is the same and is either red or black. Although the wheels are no different as far as the numbers are concerned, the positions are different.

As far as odds are concerned, the variation exists in the fact that the European version involves only a single zero that is green and the American version involves the use of a single green zero and double zero that is also green.

4. Craps

Normally, a game of craps includes a significant edge that can be 0% or even more than 5%. Specifically, all odd bets are zero, and bets placed on the Pass Line can be over 1.4%. A bet placed on Proposition 2 and 12 will be more than 5%. Keep in mind that there will always be a reason for a zero edge.

While playing Craps, you will see that the odds for the house are decided by how much you are going to bet. Many casino odds are able to be triple the amount of a house average. In order to decrease the casino edge even more you have to make sure that your bets have an increased multiple.

5. Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker provides a 3% house edge that follows the concept of poker. Plus, even though this game is still a new kid on the block, it has managed to remain a popular choice among gamblers.

Its popularity can be easily traced to the amount of profit it has made since it came into existence. The nice thing is that the majority of earned profits all go back to the owner of the game or casino. Not many players dislike this game because there is no need to be attentive while making a bet.

After a player wins a hand, both their ante and play bets get paid. However, if the dealer becomes the winner, then all bets are lost. When ties occur then a push is created and no one loses money. Usually, if a player’s odds are 44% during play, then the dealer odds will be 55% and 1% chance of a tie occurring.

With many versions available, the edge that the house obtains will vary between 7% and 7.6%. Generally speaking, when you play Three Card Poker, you will be able to enjoy your time playing as compared to other games.

The Games with the Best Odds in a Casino

When it comes to the best odds for a game, you can never go wrong with games that favor you more than the casino. So you need to ensure that the house edge is very low before you place a bet.

If you are not sure if you would obtain great odds while playing, then you can stick to the games such as Keno. With Keno, you will have complete control of the odds based on your bet amount. Keno also does not require the use of any type of strategy in order for you to create and maintain a winning streak. The only thing that you need to remember is that the more numbers picked will decrease your odds of winning, but winning will occur more when fewer numbers are selected.

Gamble at the Casino

Find the Right Time to Gamble at the Casino

Looking for the right time to gamble is not an ideal way to get started with a game. You will know how important it is to understand each game and the casino’s house edge before betting on any random number or symbol on the top slot games. Gambling is not as simple as you think it is; it calls for some wit to win big at the casinos. If you are coming with zero knowledge into a casino, you are only finding ways to dump your hard-earned money into the huge jingling account if the casino. So, you need to know what the essential points are that you need to learn before rushing to a casino to place a bet.

Do not go asking for the right time to gamble in a casino since that is not the first factor that you need to consider. When traveling abroad, you can hire a guide or search on the Internet for guidelines to visit places, but you would not get a definite answer to the right time. What you should ideally ask a casino dealer or other players present at a casino should be the best games to play. Once you get along with the culture inside a casino, you will get to know what the right time is to indulge in a gamble.

Casino to place a bet

Right Time Will Depend on What You Need

Unlike in slots, poker and other table games are operated at different hours depending on the demand. So, it is up to you to decide what time you want to play the game. In the off-peak hours, poker rooms are usually partially closed except for one or two tables. At these early hours, you would be facing the local gamblers who put in a more challenging game. Whereas, if you want to play with the tourists, go in when the crowds are huge. Go ahead and grab the seat early so that you get to have the game as you planned. If you are in the casino to play blackjack, take the seat by a table and go against the opponents. But if you want a solo game with the dealer, you will have to visit at mid-afternoon.

Crowd and Meal Times

If you love playing in the crowds, check the period when the casinos are all noisy and crowded just as how you want it. Some people like to do that because they want to beat the odds and the opponents on the table. If you are a fan of slots, and your favorite game is occupied at the moment, go for other games that are closely related. Keep a check on the other machine also, so that you don’t lose it by you finish it the current game. Slots could always be crowded, which makes the right time for gambling on slots virtually unpredictable.


Instead of walking to the casino to receive information about the peak hours, you can call and ask for the details. Casinos with restaurants will have fewer people coming in during the meal hours; so, check for those hours also, and grab the seat during these intervals. Also, enquire about the time when the next show would start. Bad weather would be a good time for you to visit casinos if you aren’t a fan of playing among crowds.


How Often Do Gamblers Really Win?

Casino gambling has become a worldwide fad so much so that they have developed an urge to run to the nearest casino when they turn 21. The American states have been thriving zone for the practice of gambling, and it still is. Both citizens and tourists from different parts of the world fly to the haven of casinos- Las Vegas. With plenty of casinos functioning in many parts of the country, it is considered to be the largest territory that supports and makes profit out of the gambling industry. Macau is the next big name on the list by housing the second-largest casino in the world, the Venetian.

The dazzling scene of NZ casino slots gambling has never failed to impress the aspiring gamblers and the common people to persuade them into trying it once. This has been going on for a long time now with every passing generation being attracted to the luxurious establishments filled with neon lights and joy. Casinos have taken advantage of all the crowds that walk into the halls with panache. The casinos offer bonuses in the form of comps and free stay in hotels. But the concept of gambling has gone ahead to achieve another feat of having shifted to the digital screens.


People now prefer to stay at home and gamble rather than travel long distances to bet over some spins. Although many such innovations have taken over the industry, the aspirants are still confused about starting their gamble. They fear the possibility of landing in danger by losing all the money. You surely have to risk some of your funds to experience the fun that lies within those walls. So, the biggest question that these people have about casino gambling is whether the avid gamblers really win big prizes or not. And if they do, the frequency at which they win the games they play are often checked for by the newbies. Let us have a look at if the gamblers win big often.

How Often?

You wouldn’t find the answer to this question in casinos from any dealer or authority, although they record data about it. They are secretive about such details since divulging it would mar their reputation or lose potential customers.

Plenty of sites are now providing you with information on when and how to win at each game, but not the answer to how often you can win. There are only a few sources that give away such details to gamblers so that they have an idea on what they can win from the games. Your chances to win at a casino game on any given day isn’t as bad as you think. Many gamblers have won about 30% of the games that they played. The bad decision that most people often make is to continue with the bet after a win. Only around 11% of the gamblers were able to win some money by going to the next stage of the game. It has been recorded that the heavy gamblers faced bigger losses in the long run. Almost 95% of the 10% of high rollers ended up losing their bets, even as huge as thousands of dollars. The ratio of winners to big losers in the heavy gamblers stands at about 1:128.

Casino gambling

All the above data proves the fact that it is not very often that you get to win the gamble. So, it is best to learn the rules and be prepared for a loss as much as you are for a win.


What Time of the Day is Best to Play Slots?

Slots have been the most popular casino game for a long time now since the machines are easy to handle without having to apply your wits into it. Some basic understanding of the rules and working of the machine can help you through the first attempt and perhaps even win you some money. But those are the only aspects of the top slots in New Zealand that stick to the fundamental level. Several myths and theories revolve around the game of slots, which are believed to have relevance.

Factors You Usually Check

The ideal slot machine is said to be the one that has the highest payout. RTP is the term used to describe the amount of money or the percentage of what you wagered that you get paid back. The Return to Player usually ranges from 92% to 97%, which is a pretty good number for the game that progresses on chance. But what you need to know is the fact that those figures don’t guarantee you a win more than ninety per cent of the time you gamble. You could win big, significant prizes, small rewards, or nothing, all of which depends on luck. In online slots, your chances to win are decided by the Random Number Generator, which in no way can be manipulated. So, people usually go for the machines that offer a decent RTP. Volatility is yet another factor that determines your payout; when volatility is high, you could be paid less often but more money. Whereas, in low volatility machines, you might get paid more often but less money.

Slot machine

Factors You Need to Check to Find the Best Time

There is a popular belief that time influences the game you play. It may or may not, but it is all in your mind. When you are prepared for the challenge at hand, you don’t need to worry about what lay in store for you on the machine. You would be checking the period when casinos are less crowded so that you can visit at those times (noon) to play your favorite game. None of this changes the chances of you winning the game.  Let us have a look at the other factors that you need to check.

1. Budget

As you might know, slots are addictive, and you must know when to stop playing the game. You have equal chances to win and lose on the machine; so, make sure that you visit the casino for a game only when you can afford it.

2. Jackpots

Jackpot is also an addictive feature on slots that can have several requirements to be met before getting started. Check through those conditions and see if the spins and coins you need to spend in order to qualify for the jackpot are affordable. If yes, go ahead and play the jackpot when it is at its highest.

3. What Time of the Day?

There is no such specific time that can give you better results since the odds remain the same all through the day. It is completely up to you and your mood on what time to play the game.

4. Luck and Mood

As mentioned above, your mood could reflect on the outcomes. Make sure to go in for the game when you are at your best mood and when you feel that everything is working out for you that particular day. Follow your intuition since it is seeking for the entertainment much more than the money that the slots offer.


Best Time to Play and Win in Jackpot Games

All gamblers wait for the time that jackpot hits the top so that they can rush to the casinos to try their luck at the game. Among the hundreds of games offered in casinos, the jackpot games occupy the core of the gambling universe since it possesses grandeur. It takes some considerable time and effort to reach the fortune you have been expecting out of the jackpot games.

Many gamblers believe that there is a good time to bag the jackpot while the others go easy on the game and play at their convenience. However, there seem to be several factors that can help you get to that winning moment faster and easier; but time does not seem to be one of them. There surely is that peak moment where you are likely to be subject to better conditions of winning. The time becomes right when you prepare yourself for the game, for which you will need to follow certain steps. Let us have a look at those techniques to travel to the time that is best for you to gamble and win in jackpot slot games.


Keep a Check on the Budget

Check the game’s setup first and learn what needs to be done to qualify for the jackpot. Each game will have a different set of requirements, which you need to be well aware of; otherwise, all the winning combos you receive would only gratify your momentary urge for money. You would feel completely lost at that point even after all those wins. So, check for the number of coins and spins you need to invest in order to get to the jackpot stage. If that is affordable, go for the jackpot game. Confirm on the games that you would like to play for the jackpot and see what their requirements are.

Go for it When Huge

The prize money will depend on the time and volume, which means that you can win big if these two factors work fine for you. As more gamblers come into the arena, the size of the jackpot also increases since the spins, and people eyeing on the jackpot goes higher in number.


Play the Jackpot When it Has Remained Unconquered for a Long Time

Although the odds of gambling are quite complicated and jackpots follow the same pattern, there seems to be a paradox to this concept that when a jackpot hasn’t been for a long time, the chances for someone to hit it also improves. So, if you come across any such slot machine or roulette game, go ahead and occupy the seat and start betting over the spinning reel and rotating wheel.

Intuition Depends on Mood

One factor that many gamblers overlook is that of their mood while playing the game. Listening to one’s intuition has proven to be functional while playing for the jackpot because even the small rollers have ended up winning big out of pure luck supported by their intuition. But, for that to work in your favor, your mind must be clear without any form of worries holding you back from betting or distracting you from the progress of the game. So, try and play when your heart is smiling.