How Often Do Gamblers Really Win?

Casino gambling has become a worldwide fad so much so that they have developed an urge to run to the nearest casino when they turn 21. The American states have been thriving zone for the practice of gambling, and it still is. Both citizens and tourists from different parts of the world fly to the haven of casinos- Las Vegas. With plenty of casinos functioning in many parts of the country, it is considered to be the largest territory that supports and makes profit out of the gambling industry. Macau is the next big name on the list by housing the second-largest casino in the world, the Venetian.

The dazzling scene of NZ casino slots gambling has never failed to impress the aspiring gamblers and the common people to persuade them into trying it once. This has been going on for a long time now with every passing generation being attracted to the luxurious establishments filled with neon lights and joy. Casinos have taken advantage of all the crowds that walk into the halls with panache. The casinos offer bonuses in the form of comps and free stay in hotels. But the concept of gambling has gone ahead to achieve another feat of having shifted to the digital screens.


People now prefer to stay at home and gamble rather than travel long distances to bet over some spins. Although many such innovations have taken over the industry, the aspirants are still confused about starting their gamble. They fear the possibility of landing in danger by losing all the money. You surely have to risk some of your funds to experience the fun that lies within those walls. So, the biggest question that these people have about casino gambling is whether the avid gamblers really win big prizes or not. And if they do, the frequency at which they win the games they play are often checked for by the newbies. Let us have a look at if the gamblers win big often.

How Often?

You wouldn’t find the answer to this question in casinos from any dealer or authority, although they record data about it. They are secretive about such details since divulging it would mar their reputation or lose potential customers.

Plenty of sites are now providing you with information on when and how to win at each game, but not the answer to how often you can win. There are only a few sources that give away such details to gamblers so that they have an idea on what they can win from the games. Your chances to win at a casino game on any given day isn’t as bad as you think. Many gamblers have won about 30% of the games that they played. The bad decision that most people often make is to continue with the bet after a win. Only around 11% of the gamblers were able to win some money by going to the next stage of the game. It has been recorded that the heavy gamblers faced bigger losses in the long run. Almost 95% of the 10% of high rollers ended up losing their bets, even as huge as thousands of dollars. The ratio of winners to big losers in the heavy gamblers stands at about 1:128.

Casino gambling

All the above data proves the fact that it is not very often that you get to win the gamble. So, it is best to learn the rules and be prepared for a loss as much as you are for a win.