Find the Right Slot Game for You

Not every New Zealander prefers to play Poker, or blackjack at an online casino. While these online casino games provide great odds there is also a great amount of stress in deciding whether to fold or draw a or in the case of blackjack, deciding to double down or split a pair. In addition, many gamblers, realizing that a big win at a poker table or blackjack tables amounts to perhaps $300 or $400, certainly not bad money to help pay the bills for a couple of days but certainly not enough to retire on in one fell swoop. As a result, many people prefer to play pokies in general, and progressive slot machines in particular. After all, progressive slot machines are the only game in an online casino where you can win millions. Therefore, today we offer you a short primer on selecting the best slot machines online for New Zealand casinos.

Choose your goals

Your first objective, before you begin playing slots is to determine your objective. Playing the pokies at an online casino is oddly reminiscent of eating at a restaurant. You can go to a gourmet restaurant, sit down, order steak and lobster, or even a gourmet pasta dish, wait for 20 or 30 minutes for the food to be prepared and leave an hour later with a sell satisfied palate but a decidedly lighter wallet, or you can pull up to the drive-through at McDonald’s and have your food ready in a few minutes and to quote Mick Dundee (yes, we realize he was Australian, not a kiwi ) Well, you can live on it, but it tastes like sh*t. Actually, personally, we love McDonald’s but you get the point and it’s important to realize, that no one slot machine will tick off all of your personal buttons. In general, you have a choice. Either go for bigger jackpots or for a better return to the player. Unfortunately, you won’t find both. Either you give up less money to the casino’s edge ( and the number 1 rule of gambling is to never forget that casinos are in business to make money) and will lose less money, and may actually win $100 or so, or you will have a chance at winning millions for few dollars, but give up perhaps a 10 percent house edge for the rare opportunity to become an instant millionaire. For example, one of the most popular, instant millionaire slots is a progressive machine called Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah is a progressive machine linked to multiple casinos, and someone because an instant millionaire around every 70 days or so according to those who pay attention to such statistics. In addition, every 2 or three days, someone wins a lesser jackpot of between 10,000 to 50,000 coins. Not bad for a machine that you can access for one-quarter of a Euro. But what do you give up for the chance to play Mega Moolah and become a millionaire? According to the experts, the average Return to Player on Mega Moolah is 90 percent. Meanwhile, the average return to the player with online slots averages 94-96 percent.

What is return to player, and what is variance?

Return to player is a long term number. It means that amount of money that is returned to players using a slot of at least 10,000 spins or more. A higher return to player of say 95 percent does not mean that an individual player is guaranteed to get that much back by playing a pokie at an online casino. The actual amount of payoff is returned by random number generators, and one individual player can have a mere 80 percent return and another player may rake in 120 percent. What happens though, is a typical online casino’s random number generators are set to around 95 or 96 percent overall. As a consequence, while no gambler can be guaranteed to get that amount of money back, the return to player is a very important number for it gives you the overall house edge on slots. It is important to realize too, that Online Casino X does not control the return to player edge. It’s a little known fact that with online casinos, the casino itself does not own the slot machines they advertise. Instead, all slot machines are leased from the various gaming developers who control and set the Return to Player rate.

In addition, the variance is another important term to understand. Once the return to player is set, so also is the variance of the machine set. The variance concerns whether there are lots of small or medium-sized payoffs and only rare big win payoffs, or rather the winners will be favored by a few more jackpots to the extent of having fewer small and medium wins. It can be difficult to determine the actual variance on a player’s own volition, but fortunately, there are several dozen sites that list low variance games such as Thunderstruck II, Bar Bar Blacksheep, and Bloodsuckers II. So by knowing both the RTP and the variance of the game, in general, will be able to determine the likelihood of lots of small and medium-sized wins or fewer of those but higher jackpots. Note here that we are referring to general jackpots, not progressive jackpots. It is important to focus on individual games, not the entire casino, as many review slots make their money in kickbacks to individual casinos under the casino’s affiliate marketing scheme. But if you know your objective, whether to become a millionaire, whether to win several hundred dollars, or whether to win $50 or a $100 and treat your family to a gourmet meal, you now have the tools: RTP, Variance, and information on progressives to decide.