The Most Popular slot games in New Zealand

New Zealand is best known for its online casinos, where it offers different casino games. You can play poker games, video cards, or slot machine games on the site of your choice and have the fun of a lifetime. Most games in New Zealand have been digitized, making them available on mobile app games giving players easy access. Let us look at some of the online slot games popular in New Zealand, which you can play online free or for cash.

Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven

This game is made of a horse racing theme with moving graphics. The slot game was developed by Playtech, a respected game development company. The game was developed in line with Frankie Dettori’s career, who was famous in horse riding and won the all-sevens-horse in a day with a record-breaking performance. The record earned him a frame, which made him feature on a slot machine. The game features five reels with twenty-five pay lines. It has a great wild card features and a bonus feature that allows players to earn free spins to boost their game. You can play with as low as 1 dollar by carefully using the shifts and expansion wilds to have an extra part game. The bonus feature comes with three same icons on one playline. To win the grand prize, which is the amount you initially bet times 7,777, you need to earn five headshots of Frankie Dettori.

Thunderstruck 11

Thunderstruck is an adventurous game with the best graphics available in online slot entertainment that you play with mythical beings and see Gods of different types. It has a Norse god icon with bolts that light, triggering some of its features. The graphics and actions are of the top line with a hammer that helps you win the game. In this game, you have a 243 pay line where you can play in your chosen line. Having a variety of playline points gives one more chance to win. The game is interactive and fun, and it gives the players a bonus round, allowing high chances of winning. Remember, in playing this game, you have to have a bankroll to help you get the big wins.

Dessert Treasure

If you are looking for a game that requires your attention and keenness, then this is the game for you. This game will make you busy finding the treasure by keeping a keen eye on the X. Playtech built the game with 20 pay lines that are adjustable with five reels. If you are lucky in one spin, you can win up to 10000 the original bet you place. Being able to get the right combination will make you get the treasure making you win big good enough to change your living standard. While playing this game, a player can see a Princess, Cobra, or Sheik and elements that look like desserts. Be sure to be coming for more games because the game has bonus features that will give you hopes of winning big or hit a bonus known as a hidden oasis, which is around that can make your chances of winning significant monies high. To succeed in this game, understand the game rules, learn how to win treasure slots, and make good use of your bonuses.

Beach Life

In this game, your dreams and ideas are put into a game in a slot machine where your urge to play comes from the visual effects. Beach life gives the player a feel of the seashore’s vacation, taking away the boring indoor life you’ve been having. Play tech is the brain behind this game, and it comprises 20 pay lines with five reels, each reel having three symbols of land. The game is fun and is a light heart and is of high quality with the highest returns in all the slot games, keeping you coming for more games to build your chances of winning. You can play at the comfort of your house and still be able to add value to your first game investment. The jackpot in this game is in terms of millions meaning you can become an overnight millionaire. Incorporating beach life in this game gives players the freedom to have a customizable match. You will be able to experience arrays of refreshing icons, providing a relaxing, and laid back experience.


In New Zealand, this is the most favorite slot machine game and gaining mileage worldwide. The game comes with bonuses, free- spins, and various amazing promos. It also features a free demo so you can have a try before placing your money. The game is some of the best slot game created by NetEnt and is a simple game to play with a space theme and special icons with themes. Starburst consists of ten play lines that are fixed but pay in both ways with five reels and a good design that gives you the feeling of the old arcade game, useful in building old memories. The game’s setting is easy to handle with an auto-play allowing you to play hands-free and a button to increase your playing speed.

Age of the Gods

Playing this game gives you a direct experience that resembles a sweet adventurous journey. It has bonuses, slot specials, and interactive fun; when playing this game, look for free spins, which will help you launch a free gold coin screen, pantheon power, which will help you trigger a spin ten times the spin bet you have. The Playtech developed the game with a Greek theme having everything based on the ancient Greek culture, the Greek gods being part of the package. The icons in this game are of the gods, and each god icon represents a bonus type, it 20 pay line with five different reels giving a player a vast choice. The Greek gods making part of this slot machine are like the Athena, Zeus, and the Hercules, whose special powers are useful in activating bonuses and wild features. Playing this game guarantees you a 7000 win on the original bet you place if you are lucky to hit a combination of right gods.


When choosing a slot game, you need to understand each game’s rules and regulations before playing. Understand how the game you intend to play will reduce losses from a match and maximize profits, which is why you bet. Make sure you know how playing the ages of god will help you multiply your money, learn the insights in a starburst, and make good use of the bonuses. Dwell on Frankie Dettori’s magic seven and dessert treasure to help decide on one particular game.